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Before to know differences first we should know about Kathak or kathakali ……

Indian classical dance has many dance forms Kathak or Kathakali both are the major parts of Indian classical dance, and both are originated in India from difference state , but due to pronounce both sound like similar or the roots are also same of both  dance styles is Sanskrit. But both dance forms are not similar both are totally different.

kathak or kathakali



 kathak dance images


Kathak Is the part of Indian classic dance. The “Kathak” word means is katha which means in Sanskrit is story, what is why this is also a storytelling dance, its roots are from Hindu Sanskrit text natya sastra. Its originated from three famous state Varanasi, Jaipur or Lucknow In India. But every states has played different role to developed this style, Varanasi and Lucknow both states has focus to developed or improve the footwork movements of this dance style or the Jaipur state has focus to developed or improve the facial expression of  this style. this dance is mostly perform on the 12 types of instruments.

1. Bansuri

2. Ghungru

3. Harmonium

4. Pakhawaj

5. Santur

6. Sarangi

7. Sitar

8. Sarod

9. Surmandal

10. Tabla

11. Tanpura

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Let’s know about kathakali dance.



kathakali face images

Kathakali is also a part of Indian classical dance which is originated from the state of Kerala which is a home several or traditional dance styles. This dance is also based upon Hindus ancients  Purana, Mahabharata, or Ramayana. This dance is developed in the Kerala temples and it is also based on shree Krishna activity or this dance style is also a storytelling dance form it is famous for its make up or costumes which are usually use to perform a story or choreography. But the kathakali dance is totally based on mudras or hands movements.  And the 3 major instruments which are use in kathakali dance.




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Conclusion (differences)


The differences between kathak  or  kathakali. Both styles are parts of Indian classical dance but  both are comes from different states. Kathak had come from north Indian states Jaipur, Vanaras or Lucknow which are also known as gharanas and the kathakali has come from south Indian state Kerala which is known as home several of traditional classical dance but the fact is this kathak dance is focus on the footwork’s or footsteps and the kathakali dance is focus on the hand movements  which are called mudras. So the conclusion is all about kathak or kathakali dance are both are different dance style not are same but mostly people are thinks that both style are same because of pronounce sound of styles.





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