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Get ready to rock on the floor! Get ready to dance with the Indian Dance World!

Due to COVID, people have faced a lot of trouble and so, we have decided to start our Dance studio in online classrooms. Yes! For the first time ever, anyone (from kids to adults) can learn all the dance styles- Hip Hop dance classes, popping moves, free form (freestyle), Bollywood dance, and many more online with The Indian Dance World, situated in South Delhi (nearby Faridabad). It has been founded by Mr. Vishal Sharma. So, now it has become too easy to learn dance moves from the comfort of your home! What are you waiting for? Join us- the best Online Dance classes For India and upgrade your dance skills.

Till now, The Indian Dance World has helped a lot of dancers in achieving their best in dance and its forum. Not only these, but it has also proved to be one of the best online dance platforms for all marriages and other special events. Without any other thought, join a fun environment for learning live dance sessions from anywhere you love. You can easily find out by looking for Online Dance Classes Near me!

Best Instructor

We at The Indian Dance World are one of the leading choreographers, known for our flexible dance styles. With the guidance of our main mentor- Mr.Vishal Sharma (with 4+ years of experience) and an excellent team of talented and outstanding choreographers, we bear out to achieve excellence in our field via offline & Online dance Classes.

Our flexible dance steps not only help in improving your dancing skills but also let you stand out in the crowd. Our excellent team is known for their devotion and passion, and because their out-of-box ideas help the dancer to learn the dance more effectively. Also, choreographers are friendly and will help you in leaving your comfort zone. Apart from professional dance skills, we also choreograph people for all kinds of award shows, marriage functions, and other special events. You need to just look for the Best dance classes near me for finding us.


Live Classes

Live Classes

We conduct our live classes via Zoom/Google Meet/ Duo and other social platforms. You can easily connect with us- Dance classes near me from the comfort of your house.

Creative yet easy steps

We approach creative ideas to our clients and help them in learning them in simple steps. With us, you can save time, so join Dance academics near me today only.

Discipline approach

We understand the weak points and then accordingly provide a flexible approach to all the clients. We offer flexible Online Dance Classes for kids, adults, and all ages people.

Save Time

Save Time

With our online dance classes, you can save your traveling Time & energy…



With Our online dance classes, you can join & learn from anywhere in the world…

Dance Style

Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop

We excel at providing all the types of Hip Hop dances including B-boying, locking and popping, fun, Up rock, reggae, and many more. Just, join Hip Hop dance classes near me today only for learning the best Hip Hop dance skills.

Bollywood Dance


For learning Bollywood dance in traditional Indian, folk, salsa, and belly dance, you are welcome to join us today. Without any thought, join Bollywood Dance Classes near me and rock all the parties with your outstanding moves.


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