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Unleash Your Inner Rhythm and Dance with Passion with online dance classes from

The Indian Dance World offers professional online dance classes in India. We are a team of experienced and dedicated choreographers who teach various dance styles that include Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Garba, Zumba, Bhangra and more, all from the comfort of your own home.

Helmed by the experienced and talented dancer, Mr. Vishal Sharma, The Indian Dance World stands out because of its vision to share the passion for dance with enthusiasts for all ages from kids to adults. In the digital era where people prefer to learn things from the comfort of their home especially after Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken an initiative to provide the best online dance classes to ensure people can continue their passion for dancing.

Our regular online dance classes for beginners are customized in sync with their preferences and learning abilities. We schedule our online dance classes India according to your convenient timings. Our virtual dance classes have been receiving excellent reviews and responses from all our national and international learners.

The Indian Dance World also offers choreography services for special events like wedding events, award shows, school and college parties, and birthday parties. Our dedicated and talented dance instructors are aware of the latest dance moves and trending styles and incorporate the same in your wedding ceremonies and parties and make the event memorable.

With our exceptional choreography skills we relentlessly guide the learners to the best of their abilities with incredible dance moves. The Indian Dance World stands as a beacon of online dance classes excellence in India and the National Capital, Delhi unleashing your inner rhythm through a powerful expression of dance!

Unlock your dancing potential with us now!

Let music guide your steps with our best dance instructor – Mr. Vishal Sharma

The team of choreographers at the Indian Dance World aims to provide high quality Dance classes to the learners. Spearheaded by the talented dancers and ace choreographer, Mr. Vishal Sharma the dance instructors are skilled in identifying the learning needs of every student.

Mr. Vishal Sharma has more than 5 years of experience in the dance industry and inspires every student to find their creative self as they dance to the moves and rhythm. The dedicated choreographers are known for their passion, creativity and friendly nature, ensuring a fun and encouraging learning environment.

We offer one-on-one personalized dance tutoring sessions to ensure you learn dance online and improve your dance skills effectively from the comfort of your home. Our flexible dance steps not only enhance your dance skills but also help you stand out in the crowd.

With our creativity, passion, and friendly environment, we ensure encouraging and fun-filled learning environment. Our talented team of professional dancers and instructors has all been hand-picked and personally trained by Mr. Vishal Sharma and receive training to ensure that their dance skills are up-to-date.

Get ready to move and Groove with our dance moves at the best Dance classes in India on The Indian Dance World!


Live Classes

Live Classes

We conduct our live classes via Zoom/Google Meet/ Duo and other social platforms. You can easily connect with us- Dance classes near me from the comfort of your house.

Creative yet easy steps

We approach creative ideas to our clients and help them in learning them in simple steps. With us, you can save time, so join Dance academics near me today only.

Discipline approach

We understand the weak points and then accordingly provide a flexible approach to all the clients. We offer flexible Online Dance Classes for kids, adults, and all ages people.

Save Time

Save Time

With our online dance classes, you can save your traveling Time & energy…



With Our online dance classes, you can join & learn from anywhere in the world…

Dance Style

Hip Hop

We excel at providing all the types of Hip Hop dances including B-boying, locking and popping, fun, Up rock, reggae, and many more. Just, join Hip Hop dance classes near me today only for learning the best Hip Hop dance skills.


For learning Bollywood dance in traditional Indian, folk, salsa, and belly dance, you are welcome to join us today. Without any thought, join Bollywood Dance Classes near me and rock all the parties with your outstanding moves.


Unleash your inner dancer with Bharatanatyam! This step-by-step guide will teach you the fundamentals of this graceful and captivating art form. Start your Bharatanatyam journey today!


Ready to learn Kathak dance? This comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step through the graceful movements and intricate footwork of this classical art form.


Ready to learn the energetic and vibrant Bhangra dance? This guide will teach you the steps, moves, and cultural significance of this traditional Indian dance form.


Wedding Choreography- Choreographing your dream to reality with perfect dance moves

How we Make your wedding memorable


Couple dance choreography

The heart of the wedding is nothing but the couple’s dance. Everyone is waiting for the dance of the couple. So, it is too important to set the dance floor with much more expectations.


Group Dance Choreography

Group dance always generates enthusiasm at the wedding- and we; one of the best wedding choreographers in Delhi know well how to design it in the most energetic form.


Sangeet - Mehndi Dance Choreography

Sangeet, Mehendi, Haldi and so, many other ceremonies are at the heart of the wedding. And all such functions are incomplete with dance and music- so, get ready to dance with us.

Turn moments into memories by grooving the perfect dance moves on wedding event by hiring a professional wedding choreographer Delhi. We are trained and qualified wedding choreographers who deliver online dance classes for your upcoming wedding events. Our dedicated dance instructors collaborate with the couple and other important guests of your wedding and plan the perfect dance moves that turn heads.

We take pride in being the best wedding choreographer in India and have vast knowledge and exceptional dance skill to choreograph the best wedding dance. We help you plan your wedding dance moves, set up performances for your wedding events that stand out and will be remembered by all the guests till eternity.

Not only do we help you in setting up performances for events, but we also create theme based Sangeet events, dance workshops and provide dancers and anchors if required. We are rated as the best wedding choreographer in Delhi because of our best quality dance tutoring service.

Let by the trained and ace dance instructor Mr. Vishal Sharma, we are rated as the reputed wedding dance choreographer in Gurgaon. We offer customized wedding choreography in different categories to meet your needs. Usually in Indian wedding function, Sangeet ceremony all the relatives of bride and the bridegroom from all the age group dance and it is important to find the best wedding choreographer near me that caters to all the ages.

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