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The most famous current dance is bhangra. it’s originated in the state of Punjab (India). This is the most beautiful way to celebrate the happiness of the coming spring and Vaisakhi which are usually used in Punjab state of India. But basically, this dance totally depends upon music and the common instruments dhol. Such as I already told about in my previous post-Indian dance so if you know about its history so you can click here…..

But before going ahead I have mentioned some bhangra dance forms or sub-styles.

  • Jhumar is the most popular part of bhangra dance which is originated in In this forms people and dancers usually made a common circle around the drummer and danced in a circle on drum rhythm.
  • Luddi is another style form of bhangra which is also famous for its costume which is people mostly use during the performance. In this dance, form people wear a plain loose shirt, patiyala salwar, or pajama. People also dance together in a circle around the drummer.
  • Giddah is the most popular or exuberant dance of bhangra in India mostly performed by women. In this form dancers or people performed enact using phrases called bolis in Hindi, which consist of variant types of subjects or is in arguments about everythings. Or the rhythm of this dance form does not only depend on drum music but also depends on handclaps by crowd or dancers.

But here I am going to tell you the advance and easy for free tricks to know and learn bhangra dance.

online bhangra


Youtube is the best and easy way to learn dance without any payment fees to any one and here are many best professional dancers who teach without any fees. To learn dance only you need an android phone or an internet connection which I know is everyone has nowadays, but youtube is not a small platform, here are lots of Nonsense videos which can be frustrated or disturbed your mind so don’t worry about it I m here with you now I give you the best channel name where you can learn easy any professional bhangra dance.

  • Learn Bhangra
  • BMP fire Bhangra crew & dance academy
  • Maritime Bhangra Group
  • Bhangra Empire
  • Harjot Hunda


guys here I am going to tell you some websites where you can learn professional bhangra from the best teachers by paying something but one thing I want to say is if you have has good catching power to understand steps, so here you can easily learn of course free, but it only depends upon your skills and catching power.



for dance lover here I am mentioning some application name where anyone can learn the bhangra without giving any cost, but again I am saying that it totally depends upon your skill.

  • Learn bhangra
  • Dance step videos

So, guys, this is my knowledge for you about how to learn free bhangra online in an easy way or without any fees but it’s not enough I will meet in another post where I will give you many other options to learn many dances.

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